Tie Dye, Sand Art, Sand Sculpting, Wax Hands, Oxygen Bar, And More For Parties & Events

Ginamarie Entertainment Provides Amazing Tie Dye, Sand Art, Waxed Hands, Oxygen Bar And More For Parties And Events. You’ll Have A Great Party Favor To Remember For Years!
Rent Tie Dye Entertainers For Children’s Birthday Party And Elevate Your Kids Creativity To The Next Level Bursting With Exciting Colors And Designs.

Hire Tie Dye Artist Entertainers; They’re A Big Hit For All Parties Or Events.


Rent Tie Dye Performers For Parties And Learn How To Roll And Color Your Shirt With Swirls, Stripes, And Sunbursts.
Rent Tie Dye Artist For Bar/Bat Mitzvahs; Enhance Your Mitzvah With A Fun & Colorful Theme Making An Amazing Tie Dyeing Celebration.
Tie Dye Performer For Kids Birthday Parties Who Bring Out The Creative Side Of Your Child To Make A Colorful Tie Dyed Shirt.
Hire Tie Dye Entertainers For Tweens And Teenage Parties – Provide A Special Time Of Being Creative With Friends. Each Will Have The Opportunity Choose Designs To Tie And Dye A Tee-Shirt.
Hire Tie Dye Performer For Adult Parties Who Show How To Create Entertaining Artwork With Unique Designs!
Hire Tie Dye Artist For Wedding Receptions, Elementary And Middle Schools, High Schools, Birthday Party,  Sweet 16’s, Graduations, Corporate Events, Carnivals, Summer Camps, Church Parties, Holiday Parties, Country Clubs, Graduation Party, And Communion Parties.
Your Guests Will Have A Blast As They Design Their Personalized Tie-Dye T-Shirt To Take Home When Hiring A Tie Dye Artist For Your Next Party.
Creating Tie Dye T-Shirts For Parties Is Fun And Engaging For All Ages And Any Event. Our Talented Team Members Provide Supreme Artistry And A Vast Range Of Tie Dyed Patterns For T-Shirts.
Turn Your Event Into A Spectacular Tie-Dye Extravaganza And Rent Our Tie Dye Artists For Parties!


Tye Dye Shirt Activities Tye Dye Shirt Activities





A Sand Art Party Is The Perfect Blend For A Colorful And Creative Party!

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Hire Our Sand Art Designers For Your Next Party Or Event; A Sand Art Party Is A Perfect Way To Have A Colorful And Creative Party
And You Have A Beautifully Unique Design.
Rent Sand Art Performers For Bar/Bat Mitzvahs And Make Your Child’s Special Day A Hit.
Hire Sand Art Artists For Kids Birthday Where Children Pour Various Colorful Sands Into Shaped Bottles.
Sand Art Artists For Children Parties.
Renting Sand Art Artists For Tween And Teenage Parties Gives The Opportunity To Make Your Special Keepsake From The Party.
Hire Sand Art Artists For Wedding Receptions, Elementary Schools, Middle Schools, High Schools, Birthday Party, Sweet 16’s, Carnivals, Summer Camps, Church Events, Holiday Parties, Country Clubs, Graduation Party, Communion Parties, And Fundraisers. Rent Sand Art Entertainers For Corporate Parties And Corporate Events.
Sand Artists For Hire.
Turn Your Event Into A Spectacular Sand Art Extravaganza And Rent Our Sand Art Artists For Parties. 


Hire Sand Animation Artists & Experience An Amazing Sand Art Party.

We Have Lots Of Different Types Of Sand Art Containers To Choose From With An Assortment Of Sand Colors!

Choose From A Variety Of Shaped Bottles To Accommodate Any Age Group From 3-103 … Such As Teddy Bears, Triangles, Sports-Themed, Sand Art Necklaces, & Many Types Of Stretch Plastic Bottles.

Sand Art Activities

       Cone Bottle                              Alien                               Flower                    Shell              



Butterfly                                         Zig Zag                             Cross                             Arabian Tower                       Sun



Peace Sign                             Bubble                                 Smile                            Angel                                  Pumpkin                   



Santa                                            Square                             Dolphin                            Critter                                    Moon



Gorilla                                     Elephant






Our Sculpting Artists Go To The Beach And Bring A Truckload Of Sand To Any Street Or Parking Lot.  They Bring Sand To Carve Something Beautiful In The Sand!

Every Sculpture Is Custom Designed To Meet The Needs Of Clients, While Commercial Sculptures Include The Client’s Logo Carved Into A Sculpture.


Hire Sand Sculpture Performers Near Me To Create Fantastic Designs That Will Impress Your Guests And Turn Your Party Into An Unforgettable Experience. Our Sand Team Transforms Your Vision Into A Mesmerizing Sand Sculpture!

Sand Sculpture Artist For Hire; Sand Sculpting Performer For Party Near Me. 

Renting Sand Sculpting Artists Near Me For Your Special Occasion Creates One Of A Kind Displays Using Only Sand And Water Displaying  The Ultimate Performance Art.
Hire Sand Sculpting Artists For Shopping Centers, Elementary Schools, Middle Schools, High Schools, Theme Parks, Fairs, Festivals, Corporate Events, Corporate Logos, Weddings, Sweet 16’s, Birthday Parties, Anniversary, Carnivals, Summer Camps, Product Launches, Church Events, Holiday Parties, Country Clubs, Graduations, Fundraisers, Corporate Parties, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Special Events, And Trade Shows.


Our Talented Sand Sculptor Artists Create Remarkable Sand Sculptures Where You Have A Memorable Occasion That Lasts Forever. Hiring Professional Sand Sculptors Create The Perfect Treasure For Any Occasion; Sand Sculpting Services For Any Type Of Event To Create A Stunning Sand Sculpture!




Hire Wax Hands Entertainers And Your Get A Wax Replica Of Your Hand.

Wax Hands Performers For Communion Parties, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Company Picnics, Summer Camps, Birthday Parties, Wedding Receptions, Elementary Schools, Middle Schools, High Schools, Sweet 16’s, Graduations, Corporate Events, Carnivals, Holiday Parties, Country Clubs, Corporate Parties, Church Events, And Trade Shows.

Wax Hands For Parties Near Me Create Zany Wax Hands By Dipping The Participants’ Hands Into Warm Wax And Then Dipping Into Different Dyes Until A Exact Mold Of Your Hand Is Formed.

Hire Wax Hands Party Rentals; It’s The Perfect Hands-On Craft For All Ages. Kids And Adults Enjoy Making Their Own Wax Hands.

Wax Hands Machine Party Rentals Come With Two Professional Attendants To Make A Wax Statue Of Your Hand To Entertain Your Guests With Creativity, Fun And Hands Can Be Posed In Different Positions. Wax Hands Is A Rare Experience That Lets You Create A Special Keepsake.

Wax Hands Making Near Me Is Safe, Assures A Fun Time, And Sure To Be A Hit.

Hire Our Wax Hands Entertainers For Your Next Party That Includes An Electronically Controlled Wax Hands Machine That Makes Unique Party Favors.

Renting Wax Hands Performers Bring An Interactive Craft That Provides A Variety Of Cool Colors To Choose From – A Great Way To Have Your Guests Add Five Different Colors To Create A Wax Hand Impression Resulting In A Custom Souvenir From Your Event!


Waxed Hands Activities







Renting Our Oxygen Bar For Parties And Events Makes An Exciting Occasion. 4 Guests At A Time Will Enjoy Our Oxygen Bar With Various Aromas Included. This Unit Can Serve Anywhere From 2–10 Minutes Or Longer.

Oxygen Bar Rentals For Wedding Receptions, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Graduations, Sweet 16’s, Kids Parties, Elementary Schools, Middle Schools, High Schools, Carnivals, Summer Camps, Church Events, Birthday Parties, College Events, Trade Shows, Corporate Events, Anniversary Parties, Country Clubs, Communion Parties, Fundraisers, Corporate Parties, And Holiday Parties.


Oxygen Bar Party Rentals; Rent An Oxygen Party Bar.


Oxygen Bar Activities







Yes, we have the hard to find “Make Your Own Gel Candle/Freshener.” Create a unique air freshener or gel candle with wick. This Jell-O-feeling solid liquidy gel will allow you to add marbles, sparkles, keepsakes, and more to create a cool, one-of-a-kind creation. Needs 1 electrical outlet.

Gel Candles Air Fresheners Activities







Similar to sand art in looks but its candy which you can eat! What a neat idea!

Candy Art Activities






You start off with an empty bottle (different style bottles) & put shells, special gravels, & other sea-themed items we supply inside. Our attendant will add your choice of colored liquid to make a unique gift.




This is as much fun to make as it is to keep! After dipping your hand into our warm melted wax several times we will remove an awesome casting of your hand! We then add some color and you get to keep your one of a kind creation. Hands can be posed into any position!




This is the hottest new fad. You get to design your own customized bead jewelry.

Customized Beads Activities




Have fun making your candy art with this unique stand. Put your stick under and push. 9 flavors to choose from.

Pucker Powder Candy Art Activities







We’ve taken the fun of sand art & combined it with the fun of candle making to create this new & unique give away. Your guests will participate in making their own candles. Choose from different colored beads of wax. The technique is like sand art but the end result is a beautiful candle in a glass.

Candle Art Activities







Everyone becomes a brilliant artist with this fun attraction! We supply a dual machine, all supplies and an attendant while your guests use special squeeze bottles to drip paint onto their own masterpieces. Each machine can make two art pieces at a time.



Just like spin art but with Frisbees! Our machine can do 2 at a time.




We supply child bracelets, rings, & necklaces for the children to engrave with names or designs (or we can do it for them) & keep as a gift. This is best for up to 7-year-olds.



DOG TAGS (authentic army dog tags w/ customized I.D.)

Tags are stamped on an actual 1969 U.S. Government-issued machine by our formally dressed staff. Guests provide their names, nicknames, and slogan, and receive their authentic dog tags on a metal ball-chain necklace.

Personalized Dog Tags Activities