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Ginamarie Entertainment Provides Professional Hypnotists and Comedy Stage Hypnosis For Parties And Events. Searching For A Top Hypnotist For Your Party? You Just Found Him! Make Your Event A Smash With The Best Hypnosis Shows. Comic Hypnotists For Parties Brings Perfect Hypnosis Entertainment.

Comedy Hypnotist For Birthday Parties Are Extremely Funny For Any Celebration. Hypnotists For Parties.

Comic Hypnotist For Bridal Showers Ensures Comedy Approaching Your Big Day. Comic Hypnotist For Graduation Party Is A Hit Your Graduate And The Guests.

Comedy Hypnotist For Wedding Reception Delivers Hysterical Hypnosis To Your Wedding Party And Guests. Comedy Hypnotist Hire.

Book Hypnotists For Bar/Bat Mitzvahs To Celebrate This Time-Honored Tradition And Comedic Hypnotism. Hiring Comic Hypnotists For Adult Parties Are Hilarious Stage Hypnosis Shows. Comic Hypnotists For Corporate Parties Makes Employees From The Workplace Bowled Over In Hysterics. Comedy Hypnotist For Party.

Renting A Stage Hypnotist Is A Real Treat For Private Parties & Special Events.

Comic Hypnotists For Prom Is An Exciting Way To Make Your Post-Prom Entertainment Memorable.

Comic Hypnosis For College Students Is Funny, High Energy, Hypnotism Shows For College Groups.

Hypnotist For Party Provides Brilliant, Interactive & Motivational Shows. Hypnotist For Fundraiser Is A Successful Way to Promote and Raise Funds For Your Charity Or Group. Hypnotists For Private Parties.

Comedy Hypnotist For Christmas Party Will Bring Holiday Joy To The Next Level. Hypnotist For Halloween Party, Hypnotists For Hire.

Hypnosis Show For Party Entertains Your Guests With A Fantastic Live Show. Hypnosis Shows For Parties Display Talented Hypnotists For All Events.

Book A Hypnotist Party Entertainer To Bring Wacky Skills To Your Next Party.

Rent Comedy Hypnotist Entertainers. Your Guests Will Be Engrossed With Captivating ESP, Mentalism, And Comedy Hypnosis.

Hire A Stage Hypnosis Show With Laugh Out Loud Comedy. Bring Your Guests To The Most Exciting Level With Our Brilliant & Skillful Hypnotists. Observe The Power Of The Imagination Where Guests Are The Stars Of The Show With Our Hilarious Comedy Hypnotists For Your Next Event!

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Steve's Hypno Show Hypnotists Steve's Hypno Show Hypnotists

1 hour-90 minute show with hysterical hypnotism including tons of laughter and music. Do you really know who you are? Play reversal roles, imagine yourself with x-ray vision, and playing different roles!

Amazing Fun and Non Stop Comedy As You Watch Others Behave Under Steve’s Hypnosis!

The Mesmerizing Hypnotiser Hypo Show

His stage comedy shows is perfect for … Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Wedding receptions, Wedding anniversaries, Sweet Sixteen Parties, Fundraisers, Corporate events, Birthday Parties, High School events, Colleges, Graduation parties, Post Prom Parties, School reunions, Comedy Clubs, Special Events, Conferences, Conventions, High School Entertainment, Awards & Banquets, Fairs, Festivals, Private Parties, Office Parties, Holiday Parties, and more!

The Mesmerizing Hypnotiser will experience a hysterical, comical, mind blowing yet unforgettable show that you and your guests will remember for years!

Observe the amazing power of creativity, imagination, and the human mind.

Amazing and amusing comedy stage hypnosis show arouses the interest and curiosity of everyone including skeptics, and will have your guests talking about it for years! More fun and laughs than a stand up comedian.
Dynamic, quality entertainment and audience involvement.

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Denny The Comic Hypnotist Hypnotists

Whether you’re witnessing his strange, yet hilarious MIND GAMES show, or the insane unpredictability of his HYPNOSTERIA show, Any of these performances is one you will NEVER forget!

Hypnosteria Show

Dennis has been performing stage hypnosis for almost four decades. He learned, years ago, that although hypnosis is obviously an important part of the show, it is more important to be a performer. Over the years, his versatility as a stage hypnosis entertainer has made him welcomed in a countless variety of venues and events. From family-type of venues like high schools and theme parks to the wild side of comedy clubs and casinos, Denny has done them all to perfection.

Mind Games

Demonstrates his apparent ability to read
the thoughts of members of the audience…
subliminally influence their decisions…
even predict future events.
Pretty amazing coming from a guy who, after the show,
can’t remember where he parked his car.

If you are looking for a fun, party-type of show, this is it. It features lots of audience participation,
inexplicable mind games, and even a few magic tricks. Includes off-the-cuff, off-beat, crotchety sense of humor.

Whether you’re looking for a squeaky-clean, politically correct show for your next corporate event, high school or theme park, or a wild show for your casino or comedy club … he’s your guy!

Two-hour concerts featuring both MIND GAMES & HYPNOSTERIA are also available. These are perfect for fund-raisers for your high school, group or organization.


This volunteer from the audience THINKS he’s a ballerina.


This guy’s pants are on backwards; he’s the only one who DOESN’T realize it.





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Be amazed with psycho hypnotism. Known as as the psycho hypno guru as he hypnotizes, captivates, and makes crowds roar in laughter. Experience this comedian and hypnotist as he takes you through vast adventures through hysterical shows.


What’s that horrible smell??


Hold on… don’t fall!


You break out into song!


Are you enjoying that ice cream cone?

Did you imagine someone telling a joke?


When you suddenly think you’re at a dance party!



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