Dance Floors, Lighting & Special Effect

We have this versatile dance floor in two sizes, 10′ x 10′ and 20′ x 20′, to create the perfect choice to suit your event needs. Whether you’re preparing to have a dynamic party or an unimaginable wedding, this dance floor is a perfect choice. 

It’s available in solid colors for a classic look or in beautifully mixed colors that can be tailored with vibrant RGB effects and fascinating pattern effects. 

This dance floor is exceptionally sturdy made with tempered glass, stylishly dazzling guaranteeing a fun and secure dancing experience.  

In addition, the color patterns can be easily managed by a remote, allowing you to set the mood and ambience of the event. Your guests will be dancing the night away in style with lustrous design and durability. Ramp up your event with the 3D LED Dance Floor!

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