Princesses For Parties & Events

Ginamarie Entertainment Provides Princess Appearances For Kids Parties. Hire Princesses That Make Children Feel Like They’re Also The Beautiful Princess!

Renting A Princess Will Make Your Event A Memorable Occasion.
Looking To Book The Best Princess Performers For Your Child’s Party? We’ve Got You Covered.

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If You’re Looking For Professional Entertainers, Hire Our Princess Party Services.

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Hiring Princesses Bring Fascinating Entertainment & Interactive Shows.

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~ Professional Princess Entertainers For Parties Near Me Who Come To Life From Favorite Princess Movies Bringing The Look Of Amazement To Your Child’s Face!

~ Top Princess Party Entertainers Near Me Is A Hit With A Professional Princess Character. Hire Princess Character Shows With Unique Princess Performers.

Hiring Princess Entertainers Is A Great Way To Bring Excitement To  Your Little Princesses ~ Contact Us Today!

Princesses Shows Tailored To Specific Princess Include …

♥ Entrance With Music To Specific Princess
♥ Princess Sings Live
♥ Sing/Dance-Alongs
♥ Stickers
♥ Temp Tattoos Or Face-Painting
♥ Fashion Rings And Bracelets
♥ Balloon Sculpting
♥ Glamorous Stick-On Gems
♥ Limbo
♥ Conga
♥ Autographed Photo Session
♥ Etiquette Lesson
♥ Lots Of Audience Participation W/Activities And Much More.

Meet Our Fairy-Tale Princesses …

Anna Party Characters From Frozen Makes Your Princess Theme Complete When inviting Elsa Or Anna To Arrive In Person. Or Hire The Frozen Birthday Party Character Duo Of  Elsa And Anna To Come Together! Rent Anna Character Near Me, Hire Princess Anna For Birthday Parties, Rent Anna Character For Birthday Party, Anna Characters For Birthday Parties, Anna Character For Kids birthdays, Anna Party Entertainer Near Me, Anna Birthday Party Entertainers, Anna For Party Near Me, Hire Anna Entertainers, Hire An Anna Character, Anna Party Performer, Anna Party Character, Anna Impersonator For Kid Party, Hire An Anna Costume Character, Hire Anna For Birthday Party.

Ariel – The Magical Mermaid Princess Also Include Bubbles & “The Underwater Musicale!” Hire An Ariel (From The Little Mermaid) Party Character For Your Next Birthday Party, Celebration, & Corporate Event. Rent Ariel Character Near Me, Ariel Entertainer For Birthday Parties, Rent Ariel For Birthday Party, Ariel Characters For Birthday Parties, Ariel Character For Kids Parties, Ariel Party Entertainer Near Me, Ariel Birthday Party Entertainers, Ariel For Party Near Me, Hire Ariel Entertainers, Rent Ariel Character For Birthday Party, Hire Ariel Character, Ariel Entertainers For Parties, Ariel Party Performer, Ariel Party Character, Ariel Impersonator For Kid Party, Hire An Ariel Costume Character, Hire Ariel For Birthday Party, Princess Ariel For Party.

Belle –  Hire Princess Belle (From Beauty & The Beast) For Your Next Birthday Party, Celebration, Corporate Event, Or Tea Party.  Rent Belle Character Near Me, Belle Entertainer For Birthday Parties, Rent Belle For Birthday Party, Belle Characters For Birthday Parties, Belle Character For Kids Parties, Belle Party Entertainer Near Me, Belle Birthday Party Entertainers, Belle For Party Near Me, Hire Belle Entertainers, Rent Belle Character For Birthday Party, Hire Belle Character, Belle Entertainers For Birthday Parties, Belle Party Performer, Belle Party Character, Belle Impersonator For Kid Party, Hire A Belle Costume Character, Hire Belle For Birthday Party.

Cinderella –  Princess Cinderella For Your Next Birthday Or Special Event. One Of Our Most Treasured Classics!   Cinderella Party Characters For Hire, Rent Cinderella For Birthday Party, Cinderella Characters For Kids Birthdays, Cinderella Party Entertainer Near Me, Cinderella Party Entertainers, Hire Cinderella, Hiring Cinderella Costume Entertainers, Hire Cinderella Characters For Birthday Parties, Cinderella Characters For Hire, Hire Cinderella For Parties, Cinderella Character For Party, Rent Cinderella Party Entertainers, Hire Cinderella Party Characters, Hiring Cinderella Entertainers for Parties, Cinderella For Birthday Party, Cinderella Characters For Parties, Cinderella Princess For Party.

Dorothy – Rent Dorothy Wizard of Oz Party Character For Your Next Birthday Or Celebration. Invite This Sweet Singing Character From The Classic Movie. Hire Dorothy Party Character, Dorothy Princess Performer For Birthday Party, Princess Dorothy Character For Birthday Parties, Dorothy Party Entertainer Near Me, Dorothy Party Entertainer, Hiring Dorothy Entertainers, Hire Dorothy Character For Party, Dorothy Princess Character For Party, Dorothy Party Entertainers Near Me, Rent A Dorothy Party Entertainer, Rent Dorothy Wizard Of Oz Party Character, Dorothy Entertainers For Parties, Dorothy Princess Character For Hire, Hire Dorothy from Wizard Of Oz For Birthday Party, Dorothy Party Character Near Me, Dorothy Entertainer For Birthday Parties.     

“The Dorothy Gale-A Spectacular” Includes ...
  • Enter With the Wizard Of Oz Theme Song 
  • Goody Bag From The Wizard (if birthday party)
  • Dorothy’s Story About Her Adventures 
  • On Her Way To The Wizard & Discovering                                                                                                                 

The  Meaning Of True Friends & Family through …

  • Sing/Dance-Alongs
  • Stickers
  • Temp Tattoos Or Face-Painting
  • Limbo
  • Conga
  • Balloon Sculpting                                                       
  • Follow The Yellow Brick Road Segment (with props for audience participation)
  • Autographed Photo Session, Activities, & More!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Elsa –  Elsa Is Anna’s Sister From Frozen. They Are Party Characters That Are A Delight Who Bring Royal Kindness & Charm To Your Guests. Rent Elsa Character Near Me, Hire Princess Elsa For Birthday Parties, Rent Elsa Character For Birthday Party, Elsa Characters For Birthday Parties, Elsa Character For Kids birthdays, Elsa Party Entertainer Near Me, Elsa Birthday Party Entertainers, Elsa For Party Near Me, Hire Elsa Entertainers, Hire An Elsa Character, Elsa Party Performer, Elsa Party Character, Elsa Impersonator For Kid Party, Hire An Elsa Costume Character, Hire Elsa For Birthday Party. Frozen Princess Entertainers For Birthday Parties, Frozen Snow Queen Princess Party Character, Frozen Princess Performers For Party.

Jasmine –  This Arabian Princess From Aladdin Will Bring Magic To Your Kids Party Or Event. Jasmine Party Characters For Hire, Rent Jasmine For Birthday Party, Jasmine Characters For Kids Birthdays, Jasmine Party Entertainer Near Me, Jasmine Party Entertainers, Hire Jasmine Party Character, Hiring Jasmine Costume Entertainers, Hire Jasmine Characters For Birthday Parties, Jasmine Characters For Hire, Hire Jasmine For Parties, Princess Jasmine Character For Party, Rent Jasmine Party Entertainers, Rent Jasmine Entertainers for Parties, Jasmine Princess Character For Birthday Party, Jasmine Characters For Parties.

Sleeping Beauty (Aurora) – Is Awake And Ready To Entertain At Birthday Parties, Tea Parties & Other Celebrations. Hire Sleeping Beauty Party Character, Rent Princess Aurora, Rent Sleeping Beauty Character Near Me, Sleeping Beauty Entertainer For Birthday Party, Rent Sleeping Beauty For Birthday Party, Sleeping Beauty Characters For Birthday Parties, Sleeping Beauty Character For Kids Parties, Sleeping Beauty Party Entertainer Near Me, Sleeping Beauty Birthday Party Entertainers, Sleeping Beauty For Party Near Me, Hire Sleeping Beauty Entertainers, Rent Sleeping Beauty Character For Birthday Party, Hire Sleeping Beauty Character, Sleeping Beauty Entertainers For Parties, Sleeping Beauty Party Performer, Aurora Party Character, Sleeping Beauty Impersonator For Kid Party, Hire A Sleeping Beauty Costume Character, Hire Sleeping Beauty For Birthday Party, Princess Sleeping Beauty For Party, Hire An Aurora From Sleeping Beauty.

♥ Snow White – This Princess Is No Longer Hiding From Her Step Mother And Brings Her Classic Story To Birthday Parties And Celebrations. Rent Snow White Character Near Me, Hire Princess Show White For Birthday Parties, Rent Show White Character For Birthday Party, Show White Characters For Birthday Parties, Snow White Character For Kids birthdays, Snow White Party Entertainer Near Me, Snow White Birthday Party Entertainers, Princess Snow White For Party Near Me, Hire Snow White Party Entertainers, Hire A Snow White Character, Snow White Party Performer, Snow White Impersonator For Kid Party, Hire Snow White For Birthday Party, Snow White Entertainer For Princess Party, Snow White Princess Party, Hire Snow White For Birthday Party. 


Pink Princess – Invite A Lovely Pink Princess For An Enchanting Party Experience.  Pink Princess Entertainer For Party, Hire Pink Princess Character, Hire Pink Princess For Party, Rent A Pink Princess For Birthdays, Pink Princess For Parties, Hire Pink Princess For Tea Party, Renting A Pink Princess For Party.

Pocahontas – Native American Princess Promoted Peace With The Powhatans & English Colonists. She Stands For Peace And Ready To Be Invited To Your Party. Hire Pocanontas Party Character, Pocahontas Character For Birthday Party, Pocahontas Parody Party Character, Rent Pocahontas Character Near Me, Hire Princess Pocahontas For Birthday Parties, Rent Pocahontas Character For Birthday Party, Pocahontas Characters For Birthday Parties, Pocahontas Character For Kids Birthdays, Pocahontas Party Entertainer Near Me, Pocahontas Birthday Party Entertainers, Princess Pocahontas For Party Near Me, Hire Pocahontas Party Entertainers, Hire A Pocahontas Character, Pocahontas Party Performer, Pocahontas Impersonator For Kid Party, Hire Pocahontas For Birthday Party, Pocahontas Entertainer For Princess Party, Pocahontas Princess Party

Tinkerbell – Invite Peter Pan’s Sidekick known as Tinker Fairy From The Magical Island Of  Neverland To Fly To Your Party. Tinkerbell Parody Party Character, Rent Tinkerbell Character Near Me, Hire Tinkerbell For Birthday Parties, Rent Tinkerbell Character For Birthday Party, Tinkerbell Characters For Birthday Parties, Tinkerbell Character For Kids birthdays, Tinkerbell Party Entertainer Near Me, Tinkerbell Birthday Party Entertainers, Princess Snow White For Party Near Me, Hire Tinkerbell Party Entertainer, Rent A Tinkerbell Character, Tinkerbell Party Performer, Tinkerbell Impersonator For Kid Party, Tinkerbell For Birthday Party, Tinkerbell Entertainer For Princess Party, Tinkerbell Character For Fairy Party, Hire A Tinkerbell Fairy Princess Party Character.  

Barbie Parties – Invite Glamour Barbie, Princess Barbie, Or Fashion Barbie To Your Next Party Or Special Event. Hire Professional Barbie Entertainers. Barbie Characters For Birthday Parties, Barbie Princess For Birthday Party, Glamour Barbie Character For Birthdays, Fashion Barbie Character For Birthday Party, Barbie Entertainer Party, Barbie Parody Party Character.

  • Enter With Music
  • Face-Painting & Glitter Temporary Tattoos
  • Fashion Rings & Bracelets                                                                                                                   
  • Fashion Gems
  • Neon Hair Attachments, Etc.
  • Fashion Show Set To Music Narrated By Barbie.   
  • Learn The Barbie Catwalk.     
  • Loads Of Fun, Glitz, And Glamour!                                   









Princesses For Parties For Hire At Ginamarie Entertainment

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Princesses for parties are a great way to bring excitement to everyone. Book A Princess For Your Next Party. Hire Top Disney Princesses With Ginamarie Entertainment. Ask About Our Magical Fairy Parties Too.