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“The Psychic World of Ursula”

Psychics and Fortune Tellers

“Sassi the Mystical Psychic”

includes crystal ball, tarot, palm, numerology, and much more!

Psychics and Fortune Tellers Psychics and Fortune Tellers

“Renowned Tarot Readings by Karl”

“Having explored the cards for over a decade, Karl views each Tarot Reading as an opportunity to study consciousness, energies, and life patterns with clients. People appreciate his grounded, constructive approach, and his quiet, contemporary appearance. Grateful to have people trust him to read them, Karl maintains a very respectful manner in his intuitive readings. He is a member of the American Tarot Association, and adheres to the association’s code of ethics.”

Psychics and Fortune Tellers Psychics and Fortune Tellers

Beach ‘n Pool Parties, Picnics ‘n BBQ’s

Why not spice up your beach or pool party this summer with some psychic, tarot & palm readings.

Sherrie’s tarot deck and psychic powers are on call for surf and sand or poolside.

Whether your party is in Longbeach, the Jersey Shore, The Hamptons or a Manhattan rooftop pool, Sherrie’s fun and inspiring readings will liven up your summer event. Adults – Teens – Tweens.

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Psychics and Fortune Tellers Psychics and Fortune Tellers Psychics and Fortune Tellers Psychics and Fortune Tellers


Psychics and Fortune Tellers

Everyone’s favorite subject is themselves and with entertainment provided by Sandra … your guests will remember your special event for a very long time afterwards. Using ancient systems such as Palmistry, the Runes, and Tarot, Sandra will delight your guests with her light-hearted yet amazingly accurate re

adings. Whether giving private, individual readings in a sequestered area or mingling with your guests and delivering extemporaneous readings, you’ll be delighted with how Sandra will mesh perfectly with your event.

Classic divinations systems as entertainment rather than ponderous and heavy “psychic readings” make her an in-demand attraction at corporate events, private parties

and special events all over the Northeast. Your guests will be hard-pressed to remember when they’ve had such a good time!

Psychics and Fortune Tellers

“Tarot Card Readings by Jackob”

The Tarot is a symbolic map of consciousness and an ancient book of wisdom that reveals visually and symbolically the creative ideas and states of consciousness that appear in multiple existence. What makes Jackob’s reading so unique? Jackob goes beyond traditional Tarot Card Readings by providing an experience that comes from a psychological, mythological, and cross-cultural perspective. Jackob’s intuition, and personal energy only add to the experience.

“I believe that we all have the answers we seek within ourselves. The Tarot is a tool I use to break down the walls, identify our fears, and decode them all in the pursuit of spiritual growth.” -Jackob.

Psychics and Fortune Tellers

“Fortune Telling of DivaMia.”

Palm readings, tea leaf readings, lots of fun with audience participation and more!

Psychics and Fortune Tellers

“Fabu the Magnificent!”

Psychic readings thru a crystal ball… This clairvoyant, channel performs Palm reading, Tarot, Dream interpretation, Dream analysis, Past life regressions, etc.

Psychics and Fortune Tellers

Chriselle’s Psychic World!

“Amazing palm readers available too!”

Psychics and Fortune Tellers

Mystical Enchanting Gypsy

The Amazing Gypsy Palm Reading Psychic!

Psychics and Fortune TellersPsychics and Fortune Tellers Psychics and Fortune Tellers Psychics and Fortune Tellers

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“Raven, the Roving Gypsy!”

What is the secret to her success?

Raven breaks the mold from traditional psychic entertainment – no dark atmosphere or eerie music, combining her intuitive talents with exceptional timing and charm. Raven’s unique form of intuitive readings successfully bridges the gap between the mystical approach for readings and entertaining presentations. The result is contemporary sophisticated entertainment.

Another reason for her popularity is her versatile ability to entertain a wide demographic in an assortment of venues. Raven knows her audience, she senses their feelings, and she responds to their every reaction and turns it all back on to them with absolutely delightful results.

Readings can be used for: Corporate Functions * Annual meetings * Icebreakers * Bridal Showers * House parties * reunions * Weddings * Birthday Parties * Graduation Celebrations * Picnics

Tarot and Card Reading – Strolling Palm Readings – Numerology Readings – Crystal Ball – Handwriting Analysis – Pendulum – Aura Readings – Lip Readings – Doodle Readings – Chocolate Readings

Psychics and Fortune Tellers Psychics and Fortune Tellers