Inflatable Obstacle Courses, Interactive Fun Rentals, Mechanical Bull, Money Machines, Rock Walls, Segways & More

Rent Inflatable Obstacle Courses And Interactive Fun Rentals For Parties & Events Are Interactive For All Ages And Any Party With A Large Range To Choose From. 

Booking Our Interactive Obstacles Will Hype Up Your Crowd!

Renting Interactive Inflatable Obstacles With Ginamarie Entertainment Are Adrenaline Boosters While Racing Through Our Obstacles With Slides, Race Over Hills, Climb & Crawl Through Entrances, And Slide Down Through Pylons.

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Rent Interactive Obstacle Courses That Provide The Perfect Addition To Teen Parties And Post Prom Parties.

Inflatable Obstacle Courses For BBQ Parties And College Events.

Renting Any One Of Our Inflatable Obstacle Course For Your Next Fundraiser~ A Perfect Team Building Activity. Get Your Team, Employees, Or Students And Have A Blast Competing On These Awesome Challenging Obstacle Courses.   

Booking Obstacle Courses Are A Hit For Any Event. Kids & Adults Love To Race On Our Inflated Courses. Our Inflatable Courses Are Big, Colorful, And Perfect For All Parties. Ginamarie Entertainment Has An Array Of Obstacle Courses To Suit Your Party From Small, Large,  Extra Large To Extra Extra Large!  


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Book An Inflatable Obstacle Course. Renting Any Of Our Inflatable Obstacle Courses And Interactive Fun Rentals Make Your Party Or Event A Total Hit!   

Inflatable Obstacle Courses & Interactive Rentals Available.

Deluxe Golf Game

1-9 Holes Available. Includes Flags, Putters,And Golf Balls. Course Can Be Set For Outdoors Or Indoors On Level Ground. Exciting Activity That’s Fun For Kids And Adults.  

Mini Golf

9 hole course is great for indoor or outdoor use.

Great for all ages and any type of event.

This Miniature Golf Course is lightweight and moveable for indoors or outdoors.

LED Mini Golf


Bungee Run

8′ W x 32′ L

Bungee Rental Is For Teens, Adults, And Kids Ages 8 And Up. This Inflatable Game With A Long Track To Run Down As Two Players, Wearing Our Vests, While Harnessed To Bungee Cord. The Object Is To Place A Sticky Baton As Far Down The Lane As Possible Before Being Pulled Backwards By The Bungee Cord. Players Try Running As Forward As Possible Until The Bungee Cord Takes Over. 

Demolition Ball / Wrecking Ball


Play Video

Inflatable Wrecking Ball Rental Is Completely Self Contained. Each Player Stands On The Pedestal And Swings The Soft Giant Demolition Ball At Each Other To Try To Knock Each Other Off.  Four Players Can Compete At A Time With This Human Demolition Game.  

Hooley Ball

15’L x 7’W x 7’11″H
Electrical Needed: (1) 110v line w/in 100ft

The object of this two player game is to get 3 balls through any of the 3 holes before your opponent accomplishes the same. First to get rid of all three balls is the winner.  Interactive And Fun For All Ages. Great For Backyard Parties And Company Picnics.   

Adrenaline Rush

34’L x 23’W x 14’H                                                                                              

The Obstacle Course That Begins With Diving Through The Start Opening, Over A Climb, Crawls Under Inflated Logs, Make It Through The Obstacle,  Climb The Wall And Finish With A Slide. Experience This Intense Obstacle Course.    

Alien Attack

This Unit Requires An Area 55′ W x 55′ L x 24′ H

Our Portable Laser Tag Arena (30 Foot Round). Comes With Real Laser Tag Guns.

Laser Tag Available With Two Options: Laser Tag Guns Only Or Laser Tag Guns With 40′ UFO Alien Invasion Arena.

Laser Tag Guns: Each Game Is Computer Controlled Including Length Of Game, Ammunition, Type Such As Team vs. Individual. Each Player Gets A Laser Tag Gun With An Attached Headband. Headbands Light Up When Hit & The Gun Tells Player When Tagged By Opponent.  

UFO Alien Invasion Arena: Arena Is 40′ And Designed To Look Like A Giant Spaceship With An Alien On Top, Large Maze Inside With Strobe Lights & A Lot Of Walls To Hide Behind.

UFO Arena And Laser Tag Package Becomes A Laser Tag Event. If Indoors, The Ceiling Must Exceed 23′ To Accommodate The Alien On Top Of Spaceship. For Lower Ceilings, The Alien Can Be Removed From The Spaceship.  

Full Court Press Inflatable Basketball 

16’L x 16’W x 15’H                                                                                          

Includes Inflatable, 6 Basketballs, 1 Blower, Timer, & Score Counter     

When A Basket Is Made, The Ball Rolls Over To The Opponent’s Side. The First Player To Clear The Balls Off Their Side Wins. The Ultimate In Hoop Shot That’s Interactive, Fun & Fast-Paced.  

P.K. Soccer Shootout

19’L x 14’W x 15′ H

Two Players Compete That Allowing Balls To Cross Over From One Lane To The Other. Players Need To Kick The Balls Through The Holes To Score In Their Opponent’s Goal.  

Laser Tag for All Ages (Starpatrol) 

40’ x 40’ x 13’ High Inflatable Arena

Featuring Real Laser Game Guns. Adults And Children Can Play. 

Jurassic Adventure Inflatable Play Land
24’Lx29’wx15′ H (800 lbs)
Up To 20 Kids At A Time. 400+ Riders An Hour
Enter Through The Dinosaur Bone Yard, Use Ropes To Climb Up The Rocky Terrain Of The Raging Volcano To The Mountains Peak And Find The Fastest Way Down One Of The Two 10 Foot Slides. Ride The Two Rockin’ Dinos And Then Play With The Tall Dinosaur Pop Up Heads And
Bounce For Hours. Jurassic Adventure Inflatable Is A Prehistoric Themed Bounce House Slide Combo, That’s Designed To Entice Kids Imagination.
Haunted House Walk Through

The item is a maze inside that leads you from the entrance to the exit. There is an emergency exit in the middle back of the unit. The unit takes up to 4 blowers to operate. The inside has a few spots for people to hid in (in case you want to put actors inside) and there is also plenty of artwork showing haunted characters. 

Island Survivor Obstacle Course

12′ x 45′ x 18′

Challenge your opponent as the two race against each other through squeezing thru, crawling under, & twisting around 
obstacles on this interactive inflatable obstacle course. Complete by climbing a 13′ rock wall and slide down to a triumphant win! 

Requires power: (2)-20 amps.

Spiderman Obstacle Course

40′ L x 11′ W x 16′ H (Requires 2 dedicated 110 outlet separate breakers) 

Includes Large Obstacle Course, Bounce House Combo, Dual Lane, Basketball Hoop, And Climbing Wall. Accommodating 10 Kids At A Time.

Joust with Walls

25ft L x 19ft W x 5 ft H (Requires dedicated outlet within 100 feet)

Players Challenge Each Other While They Climb Up On Their Own Pedestal, Using Over Sized Inflatable Joust Poles To Try To Knock One Another To The Floor. With Red, Blue, & Yellow Colors, This Inflatable Jousting Game Attracts Attention and Keeps Guests Lined Up To Get Their Turn To Be An Iron Clad Jousting Knight. Offers Plenty Of Straight Up Jousting. Secure Safety Walls And Added Protection Included.

Ultimate Challenge Obstacle Course

34.6′ L x 28′ W x 18.8′ H

1 Double Lane Slide, Climb Challenge, Steps, Tunnel Exits & 2 L-Shaped Obstacle Alleys That Include Pop-Ups, Pop Outs, Log Features, Rock Climb And Slide. Brings All The Fun You Love About An Inflatable Attraction. 

Velcro Sticky Wall Inflatable

Unit Sizes Available Are: 15’ H x 15’ L x 15’ W; 22x12x13

Run, Jump, and Stick To The Giant Velcro Wall Wearing Our Velcro Suits. Suits Available In Child And Adult Sizes. Your Friends & Family Stick Together With This Inflatable For All Ages

Rock Climbing Cliff Hanger  

For Kids, Teens, And Adults 

Hard Rock Wall Rentals

Available In 20′ and 26′ Sizes. No Electrical Power Required. Challenging For Teens And Adults. Interactive Rock Walls Come With Auto Belay Safety Device.   

Inflatable Rock Wall Rentals

Requires: Two 20 Amp Dedicated Outlets. Challenging For Teens And Adults. Interactive Rock Walls Come With Auto Belay Safety Device.   

Rent A Climbing Wall To Climb An Inflatable Mountain About 25 Feet Into The Air. We Offer An Inflatable Mountain Or Hard Rock Wall Rentals, Climb On Will Definitely Make Your Next Event Memorable. All Ages Will Enjoy Climbing Our Rocky Mountain All The Way To The White Peak On Top. The Safety Of An Inflatable Mountain With A Surrounding Inflatable Base Has Been Put Together With All The Equipment Used In Real Rock Climbing. 

Velcro Olympics & Team Challenge

13′ x 55′ x 15′ ; Requires Two 20 Amp Circuits. 

Exciting For Kids & Adults. The Interior Is covered In Soft Velcro. The Degree Of Difficulty Can Be Increased For Players Wearing Our Velcro Suits With The Hook Portion Of Velcro For A Very Heightened And Increased Challenge.

Amazing Maze


Bouncy Boxing

16’L X 16′ W X 10′ H 

Inflatable Boxing Ring Includes 2 Sets Of Giant-Sized Boxing Gloves and Helmets And Try To Knock Each Other Down While Bouncing. Great For Teens And Adults Events. 1 Outlet Required. One Adult Supervision. Indoor/Outdoor 

Gladiator Joust

Two opponents stand opposite each other on podiums on top of an air inflated floor. The object is to knock your opponent off of their pedestal by using the long padded foam jousting pole. Fun for all ages. Jousts with or without edges available. 

Velcro Wall

15’ H x 15’ L x 15’ W

After Putting On One Of Our Velcro Suits, The Object Is To Stand On The Inflatable Floor & Bounce & Stick To The Inflatable Wall As High As You Can. 

Surf Machine 1

Catch The Wave You Surfers! With Our Mechanical Surf Machine,  Contestants Try To Remain Standing On A Surfboard In The Middle Of This Inflatable Wave Set On A Beach Scene Backdrop. An Operator Controls The Hydraulically Powered Surfboard, Moving It Up And Down And Left To Right. 

Surf Machine 2 

18′ L x 18′ W x 10′ H; 

  • Requires Minimum 54 inches
  • Power needed: 2 (110V / 20Amp)
  • 1 Staff Attendant
  • Indoor or Outdoor

Inflatable Bungee Challenge

35’L x  14’W x 12’H. Minimum of 48″ tall / Requires (1) 20 amp line of 110 v of electricity within 100 ft         

Like A Tug Of War Type Game. Being Connected To The Same Bungee Opponents Are Separated By An Inflated Pillar. Players Pull Away From Each Other By Trying To Score A Basket Or Place A Velcro Football As Far From The Center As Possible.

Rodeo Races

32″L X 14″ W X 14″H

This Inflatable Takes Players On A Journey That Includes Crawling Through Tunnels, Moving Around Horizontal And Vertical Pop-Ups. Tests Strength While Climbing And Descending All The Way. Provides A Bright Theme In Purple, Yellow & Red Colors With An Attractive Arching Design.  

The Money Machine

Cash Blowing Money Machine Or Vault Money Booth Is Made Of Steel And Aluminum. Also Known As A Money Booth Rental With Clear Sides That Makes All Sides Visible Of The Money Booth. Includes Industrial Blower That Blows Real Money, Play Money, Coupons, Industrial Blower That Can Blow Real Money, Play Money, Coupons, Vouchers, And Certificates That Fits Into Your Event Marketing Strategy.

Each Participation Has A 20 Second Time Frame In The Booth. A Big Hit at Trade Shows, Party Rentals, & Marketing Events.

Inflatable Cash Cube

Size: 5′ l x 5’w x 8’h

Air blower: 2 pcs CE/UL plugs 

Human Bowling

Space Needed: Approximately
15’ x 30’  Indoor or Outdoor

Bowling Will Never Be The Same! Players Will Be Seated & Strapped In The World’s Largest Human Bowling Ball. Some Of Your Friends Will Roll You Down Our Inflatable Alley So That You Can Try To Knock Down The Giant Pins. 

Human Foosball

50L x 30W x 9′ H / Electricity (110 volt, 20 amps) 

Includes 2 blowers, 2 soccer balls, and 1 attendant.                 

We Took The Table Foosball/Soccer Game Format And Made It A Life-Sized Version. Keeps Six To Ten People Involved And Playing At One Time. The Object Is For Players Tethered To Ropes To Work Together Scoring As Many Points As Possible. Netting Along The Sides Of The Playing Field Keeps The Ball In Play For Hours of Fun. Perfect for Schools, Team Building, Company Picnics, & Backyard Parties. 

Human Gyroscope

15′ x 15′ / No Electricity Needed

This Unique Attraction Was Created For NASA For Training In The Space Program! Players Will Experience The Sensation Of Being Weightless In Outerspace. Strapped Into The Center Of This Device And Then Spinning In Three Different Directions At The Same Time Using Your Body To Turn Upside Down, Sideways, And More.

Dance Dance Revolution

Two 110 Volts; 20 Amps Each

1 To 2 Players At A Time Dance On A Pressure Sensitive Dance Floor Timing Steps To The Music As The Arrow Indicators On The Screen Appear. Players’ Timing and Rhythm Is Everything! Includes Various Levels Of Intensity And A wide Range Of Music Designed For This Game. As Player Advances Through Each Level The Intensity Becomes Harder.  

Horse Race Game


Kiddie Hi-Striker

Perfect For Kids 10 Years And Under Enjoy The Kiddie Hi-Striker Where They Can Show Off How Strong They Are!   

Sumo Wrestling

2 Players 

One Of The Most Interactive Games Known In The World. Includes Our Sumo Wrestling Suits, Padded Wrestling Ring & Head Gear. This Ring Keeps Players In An Enclosed Area & Increases Safety And Providing Support When Players Bounce Off Of Each Other By These Wearing Sumo Suits.  

All American Adrenaline Rush Obstacle Course

360 Degree Obstacle Course That Has All The Best Features Including Log Squeeze, Crawl Tubes, Rock Climb, And 14′ Slide To The Finish.

Human Spheres/Hamster Balls

Now Your Can Have More Fun Than A Hamster With Human Hamster Balls. While In A Giant Sized Sphere, You Can Run, Spin And Jump Yourself To A Great Party Time. Perfect For Racing Family And Friends, Make It A Tag Game With Hamster Balls, & For Younger Kids To Roll Around In. Giant Human Hamster Ball Parties Are An Exciting Activity. 

Hamster Balls Work Best In Large Areas Such As Parks & Large Backyards. Hamster Balls/Human Spheres Can Not Be On Concrete and Asphalt Or Any Abrasive Surfaces.

Extra Large Obstacle Course #1

59′ x 15′  Needs 20 Amp Circuit Or Two 15 Amp Circuits​

This 59 Ft Obstacle Course Is A True Adrenaline Booster That’s Perfect For Elementary Schools, High Schools, Colleges Or Any Party.    

Large Obstacle Course

42′ x 17′   20-amp or two 15-amp circuits 

Obstacle Course With Two Lanes For Interactive Racing. This Fun Obstacle Handles Volumes Of Guests For Elementary Schools, High Schools, Colleges Or Any Party.


10′ Or 17′ Available

The Hi Striker Version For Teens And Adults. Perfect For Your Next Carnival Themed Event. The Harder Guests Hit; The Louder It Rings. Hit As Hard As You Can To Reach To The Top!

Extra Large Obstacle Course #2

59′ x 15′  Needs 20 Amp Circuit Or Two 15 Amp Circuits​

This 59 Ft Obstacle Course Is A True Adrenaline Booster That’s Perfect For Elementary Schools, High Schools, Colleges Or Any Party.    

Off With Your Head

Your Guests Become The Main Attraction When Two Players Put On These Towering  wear large padded suits with viewing window for sight (see the “neck” in the image). Each contestant tries to knock off their opponent’s velcro-attached “head” with padded Jousting baton costumes complete with new heads that turn you into fighting knights. The object of the game is to knock off your opponent’s head with the devices that we supply.  

Small Obstacle Course

30′ x 10′  Requires One 15 Amp Circuit

Let The Little Ones Crawl, Squeeze, Slide,  Jump, Dive, And Tumble Their Way Through. Open Concept Course Allows For Easy Supervision. The Obstacle Course That’s Perfect For Pre-Schoolers & Kindergarten.

Extreme Rush Inflatable Obstacle Course

2 Players At A Time     

 78′ Obstacle Course Has Two Giant Inflatables, Inflatable Pop Ups, And More Obstacles. Two Players Dive Through The Entrance Making Their Way Through The Inflatable, Climbing The Rock Wall, And Then Go Down The 19′ Slide. The Player Who Makes His Way Out First Is The Winner. Extreme Rush Creates An Ultimate Challenge For Any Party Or Event. 

Inflatable Twister


This Inflatable Is Everyone’s Favorite Game From Yesteryear That You And Guests Can Still Play But Bounce While Testing Your Balance. Much More Exciting & Challenging For All Parties And Events.

Mechanical Bull

The Top Of The Line Bull Ride With A Digital Time Clock Allowing for Competition Rodeo Bull With Real Cowhide. It Comes With A Trained Operator And Is Surrounded With An Inflatable Circular Floor So No One Gets Injured When & If They Fall Off. 

Roller Disco


Bring the fun to your next event. This portable roller rink can be indoors or outdoors. Set up includes

rubber mate, stanchions around the perimeter of the rink. Includes a disco ball, recorded music & decorative lighting.  

Synthetic Ice Skating Rink

The rink can be made up to 24′ x 60′.


Ice Skating is a traditional winter activity, but who wants  to wait for the lake to freeze for your party. Our Synthetic Ice-Skating Rink enables you skate anywhere & any time! The portable iceless skating rink is designed to be used indoors or outdoors in a variety of weather.

Whether you’re throwing a Winter Wonderland themed party for a fundraiser, a birthday bash for a devoted hockey fan, or want to skate at your next office holiday party regardless of the weather; this amazing synthetic ice rink is the perfect addition.

Synthetic Ice Rinks create a seamless surface that resembles real ice without the time and hassle of freezing and resurfacing the real thing. Set up is quick by our staffers. Level surfaces will provide the best experience such as inside the school gym for your winter bash, the office parking lot at the in-office holiday party, convert the tennis or handball courts at your local park for a town fundraising event, or any number of spots you can think of.

Setup includes roping around the ice rink, benches, skate shop, up to 100 assorted skates, music, decorative lights, and a changing area. 

Segway Rentals

The Segway Rentals Are Used As An Obstacle Course Format & Team Building Events All Year! 

The Segway Is Fun And Brings Excitement To All. We Provide A Selection Of Segway Programs From Mere Riding To Team Building. Electric Motors With Non Marking Tires. Can Be Used Inside And Outside.    

Book The Mobile Way And Have Segways At Your Next Your Party Or Event. Segway Rentals For Colleges, Conventions, And  Fairs, Festivals, Birthdays, & More.  

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Have Your Party On Two Wheels And Make It A Segway Phenomenon! Renting Segways Is Fun And Unique For Your Next Party, Celebration Or Event. 

Rent A Segway From Ginamarie Entertainment For Your Next Private Party Or Special Event. Segway Rentals Make For Fun Relay Races And Team Building To All Crowds Or Set up A Challenging Track In The University Gym. 

Renting A Segway Provides One Of The Best Party Ideas To Ride Segways Around Your Neighborhood

Our Fun And Easy To Ride Segway Rentals Are Available For Parties, Events, And More In Connecticut And Throughout New England.
Rent A Segway With Ginamarie Entertainment For Your Next Corporate, College, Or Special Event. Participate In Fun Relay Races, Team Building Activities And More!

Meltdown Zone


Meltdown is fun for all age groups. It challenges your stamina and reaction time. The spinning gyrating boom tries to knock you off your podium while you duct or jump to avoid it.


Leaps and Bounds


Can be enjoyed by any age group. Once you try it once, you’ll want to keep jumping around over and over! It is also extremely entertaining for bystanders and hysterical it is to watch your family and friends flying from one giant red ball to another and most likely wiping out on to the cushioned floor. 

This product is also available for both indoor and outdoor functions.

Giant Tricycles

Perfect for a team-building event or carnival-themed event. For adults, teens, and more or less all ages. 

Rapidly Fast Obstacle Course

Requires 2 dedicated 20 amp power lines within 100 ft. 

Klime Wallz Challenge Rockwall


3 climbers at a time

for outdoor events due to the height

Includes three exciting components to climb. Make your  adventure by mixing and matching these components. The three challenges offer them the chance to have various experiences. Climbers don’t feel as if they are climbing the same wall repeatedly. Guests are free to climb as many times as they wish.

This Klime Wallz challenge excites climbers that traditional climbing walls cannot. Welcome to the most modern climbing wall available to rent today. These walls attract and inspire climbers of all ages. 

Ideal for birthday parties, corporate events, etc.     

The walls utilize a hydraulic auto belay system, which not only acts as a safety precaution in case guests fall, but also helps them descend back to the ground once they reach the top and a blast to climb.  

25′ Rockwall

35′ L x 10′ W x 25H 

2 attendants

No power needed

Portable rock wall that sweeps the sky, towering over anyone who is brave enough to climb it at 25 feet. Accommodates up to four climbers at once for competitive fun between teammates, family, and friends.

This rockwall is 100% safe is our hydraulic auto-belay system.  A belayer or an attendant on the ground who secures the climber, keeping watch on the climbers and giving out slack to the line by releasing the belay. (A special device that locks the rope a little at a time as the climber slowly ascends. With the automated, hydraulic auto-belay system the cost for operating the rock wall is eliminated and climbers can enjoy an unlimited amount of climbing because our top of the line systems never get fail. 

Our rock climbing wall provides a safe climb and no need to worry about hurting hands, legs, or any other body parts involved with climbing.

Inflatable Movie Screen

Who said the drive-ins are a thing of the past?? NOT!
Bring the outdoor movie screen to your next event.
  • Your Choice of 2 Screen Sizes


for up to 100 people / 30 cars

Bring the magic of movies to your own backyard. 

We can change any size backyard into an entertainment phenomenon. Add music, fresh popcorn from one of our classic style popcorn machines, and gaming to make your event even more special!

  • 16′ x 9′ Viewing Screen Size
  • FM Transmitters to listen from vehicle
  • Microphone Option
  • Generators to power the entire event
  • Professional staff to run your entire event


for up to 200 people / 100 cars

Let us host your special events… such as Corporate Parties, Graduations, & Weddings. If you’re looking for a social distancing event, a drive-in movie screen is a perfect idea!

  • 26′ x 19′ Viewing Screen Size
  • FM Transmitters to listen from vehicle
  • Microphone Option
  • Generators to power the entire event
  • Professional staff to run your entire event