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Hire Top Pirate Characters For Kids And Adult Parties Such As Any Of Our Professional Pirate Performers Including Captain Hook, Captain Jack Sparrow.

Pirates For Some Kids Parties Include: Treasure Hunts, Finding Treasures, How To Walk And Talk Like A Pirate, Tug of War, Balloon Sculpting, Pirate Temp Tattoos, Sing/Dance-Alongs (Pirate style!) Parachute, Limbo (Pirate style!) Lots of Audience Participation! Pirate Shows Tailored To Kids And Ages.


  Pirates For Adults Parties: Pirate Entertainment With The Most Unique Pirate Entertainers For Any Party Or Event With Ginamarie Entertainment, Our Pirate Performers Specialize In Caribbean Theme Parties. Hire A Pirate, Pirate Characters For Private Parties, Pirate For Wedding, Fairs, Block Parties, And Corporate Events!




Pirate Jack, The Pirate Extraordinaire


 Pirate Jack calls the customer prior to his arrival at the party to share additional ideas to add to the fun of his pirate show that includes a map and a message in a bottle that the b-day boy finds and more that needs to be discussed!

Pirate brings a treasure chest to put these “treasures” in) Pirate will call customer 20 or 30 minutes for the parents to put anything worth fake value in the chest.

Show includes – – –

Q & A/meet & greet, pirate gives kids cool names and pirate certificates

Pirate oath ceremony to swear loyalty to the b-day boy.

Teaches the kids how to be a pirate – (asks them “who wants to know how to be a real pirate?”, “what do they know about pirates?”, how to walk and talk like a pirate, etc.)

Takes the kids on a treasure hunt to discover the missing treasures (Parents provide ring pops, anything worth fake value such as plastic coins, fake money, etc. prior to Pirate Jack starting the show.)

Pirate Jack creates balloon swords.

Lots of audience participation and interaction to make the party extraordinary!

Show for kids run 1.5 hr.


Pirate Dave

Pirate Tales & Ditties of Olde New England. Captain Dave loves to share his knowledge of other pirates who also made their mark. This show features stories of famous pirates in New England’s history as well as fun sea shanties and pirate songs of skillful live performances  you can sing along to.





Captain Dave’s Pirate Parties – Plan your child’s birthday party and enlist Captain Dave or with his pirate crew to liven up the party for kids, teens or adults. We guarantee a swashbuckling good time!



Captain Dave’s Haunted Pirate Show – Crew members Minstrel Michael and Lady Josephine tell of the demise of Captain Dave Fork Tongue. They are then joined by the ghost of Captain Dave who has returned to share the ghoulish tales he learned after crossing the river Styx. The show mixes storytelling, music, dance, comedy, and audience participation. A lot of ghoulish fun around every corner.




Captain Dave’s Wild West Revue – Somewhere in the old west sits the Serpent Saloon, where audiences are entertained by the pirate crew. Led by Dave “Fork Tongue” Tanner, the most notorious gunslinger and card sharp in history, the show features storytelling, music, dance, comedy, and audience participation…until the surprise appearance of a traveling preacher threatens to shut the whole saloon down.






A Groovy Day in the Park –From 1968, a PEACE-full time of free love, tuning in, and dropping out!  Invite Chipper Fork Tongue and his tribe of free spirited hippies as they dance, sing, and frolic to your next event!













Pirate Ken

Pirate Parties Costumed Characters Pirate Parties Costumed Characters


Pirate Joe & Pirate Casey

Pirate Parties Costumed Characters Pirate Parties Costumed Characters


Pirate Mike

Pirate Mike Pirate Parties


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