Belly Dancers For Parties

Ginamarie Entertainment Provides Professional Belly Dancers Bringing A Cultural Experience To Your Event. The Best In Belly Dancers And Exquisite Belly Dance Performances. Top Belly Dancers For Your Party Make Your Special Event Unforgettable. Belly Dancers For Birthday Party Is A Fun Way To Celebrate With Something Unique & Exciting. Belly Dancers For Parties Is A Centuries-Old Custom That’s Always In High Gear. Rent A Belly Dancer Today!

Belly Dancer For Bridal Shower Makes A Special Event For A Girl Who Steps Into A New World Of Marriage. Belly Dancer For Graduation Party Celebrates Your Graduate.

Belly Dancer For Wedding Reception Brings Elegance To Your Wedding.

Belly Dancer For Hire Lights Up Your Party And Charms Any Audience. Belly Dancer For Sweet 16 Party. Belly Dancer For Baby Shower Is A Great Choice For Girl Or Boy Belly Dance Celebration Theme.

Belly Dancers For Bar/Bat Mitzvahs Is A Time-Honored Tradition To Your Child’s Rite Of Passage. Belly Dancer For Fundraisers Exudes The Energy Making Your Charity A Hit.

Belly Dancer for Trade Shows, Belly Dancers For Festivals. Belly Dancers For Adult Party Brings Tribal Fusion To The Crowd. Belly Dancers For Corporate Parties, Belly Dancer For Corporate Events.

Belly Dancer For Holiday Parties Adds To Holiday Party Entertainment. Hire Belly Dancer For Halloween Party; Belly Dancer For Christmas Party Ignites The Christmas Spirit.

Hire Outstanding Middle Eastern Belly Dancers Bringing Elegant Interactive Shows To Your Event With Perfection In Belly Dance Performers.

Pump Up The Volume Even More When Renting Two Or More Belly Dancers. Booking Or Hiring Belly Dancers With Different Styles And Techniques Ignite Your Party Bringing The Ancient Art Of Belly Dancing That Captivate Your Guests.

Hire Arabian Belly Dancers, Hire Egyptian Belly Dancers, Hire Indian Belly Dancers, Hire Israeli Belly Dancers, Hire Turkish Belly Dancers.

Authentic Belly Dance Shows; Hire Belly Dance Entertainers In Sparkling Costumes, Veils, & Beautiful Dancing, Performing Like A Shimmering Waterfall. Belly Dancers For Parties And Events; Hire & Book An Eastern Style Belly Dancer For Party. All of Our Belly Dancers Specialize in Professional Dance . . . For Instance Greek, Middle Eastern, & Other Cultures.

We Are Your Source For The Finest In Belly Dancing Entertainment!



Sera’s World of Fusion Belly Dance

Latin American multi-talented artist, trained in jazz, ballet, latin, fusion, gypsy style, classical/modern Egyptian belly dance, by some of the world’s top dance instructors.
Her performances are inspirational, graceful, and playful incorporates props/tricks such as fire eating, sword, wings, fans and candle tray.

Belly dancer/ Fire/ Snake * Tantric Dance Performances with specialization in Middle-Eastern, Spiritual, Pop, Hip Hop, and Latin American dances.

Languages include ~ Spanish: Fluently read, write, conversational, literature, & interpretation. Some Portuguese, Italian, French and Arabic.

Mercuria’s Funk International Art of Belly Dancing

Mercuria takes guests through her innate ability to keep her audiences fascinated. With her broad knowledge of complex Arabian music and composition, her performances result in an astonishing ability to internalize rhythm, and tempo changes with her natural feel for the soul of Oriental music and the essence of Egyptian dance through glamour and passion.

Multifaceted performances through styles including ethnic dances from Arab, Mediterranean, Moroccan, the Near East, Tunisian, the cane dance of Upper Egypt, Spanish and Moorish Flamenco, Bedouin Gypsy, and more.


Lala’s Professional Belly Dancing Shows

With background in ballet, jazz, modern, gymnastics, and martial arts, I perform Middle Eastern dance, cabaret style, Tribal, and then the extraordinary potential of world and theatrical fusion.
You’ll be drawn in with Deliah’s performances including modern/Horton, and modern Egyptian style. Her own style is a continually evolving  Her captivating performances are dynamic, often athletic, creative and always inspired by the public.


Belly Dancing by Masai


Belly Dancing by Sirrah


Sarah’s World of Belly Dancing


Danyelia’s Fascinating Art of Belly Dance


The Winds of Sharcea

Shows can feature dancing while balancing a candelabra, dancing while balancing a tray of candles, veils, swords, canes, wings, tambourines and fans


Lydera’s Fascinating Globe of Motion

Lydera dances & becomes a shimmering waterfall! Egyptian, Lebanese, Gypsy and Cabaret styles.Classical costumes and props of belly dance using traditional veils and finger cymbals. She is also skilled in cane, candle and tray, wings, sword and candelabra.


Shylina’s Sheer Essence of Belly Dancing & Unique Performances

Veil Dances, Fanning, Get Guest of Honor Up to Dance,
Audience Participation with Tambourines, And Mini Drum Solo


Azziza Belly Dancer


Leasha’s Flowing Captions Of Belly Dance


Dariasha’s Tribal Art of Belly Dancing


Deliah’s Passion of Belly Dance Artistry


Shala’s World Of Belly Dance

Shala Captivates Guests With Her Lively Entrance, Veil Dance, Sword Or Tray Balance, And Drum Solo With Music And Audience Participation. Her Playlists Are Tailored To Any Crowd & Theme.


Sheva’s Igniting Belly Dance

Includes Suspenseful Entrance Followed By An Upbeat Dance With Veil And Zils, A Beautiful Lyrical Piece, Dramatic Sword Or Tray And Candles Balance Dance, & Finishes Up With A Drum Solo. Followed By Upbeat Music For Audience Participation, With Getting A Hip scarf On The Guest Of Honor, And Getting People Up To Have A Fun Time.


Loryendah’s Belly Dancing

Cabaret-Style Belly Dancer, Audience Participation, Silk Veils, Sword Balancing, Fanning, Isis Wings, And LED Props, Teaches Guests Some Belly Dance Moves While Getting Them Up To Dance. Can Customize A Playlist With Any Music That’s Preferred.
Also Can Add Fire Props To The Belly Dancing Performance; Includes a 50-Watt Speaker With A Mini Light Show And Fog Machines.


Belly Dancing of AshaLei

Dazzles The Crowd With Tray of Candles, Sword, LED Wings, Veil, Fantails, Zills, And Audience Participation.