Ginamarie Entertainment Provides A Variety Of Carnival Booths For Any Party And Event. Make It A True Carnival Theme. We Have Carnival Booths Available For Any Type Of Event. Rent Your Carnival Booth Today!

Carnival Booth Rentals For Parties To Provide An Exciting Addition To Your Event With Carnival Booth Games.

Carnival Booths For Birthday Parties Include The Best In Carnival Games Assortment For Church Events, V.B.S., And School Parties/Fairs.

Carnival Booths For Adults That House Fun And Challenging Carnival Games.  

Rent Carnival Booths For Birthdays That Can Include Carnival Party Games and Activities For A Carnival Theme Party Or Kid’s Birthday.

Considering Carnival Booths For Corporate Events? Add Our Dynamic Carnival Games To Boost Team Building Skills Bringing The Carnival To The Company Party.

Renting Carnival Booths For Parties Is A Great Choice To Bring Any Event Alive; Especially Ones With A Circus Or Carnival Theme.

Rent Our Red And White Topped Carnival Booths With Carnival Games That Have Always Been A Favorite At Carnivals And Fairs.

If You’re Looking For A Fun Party Celebration, Rent Carnival Booths For Graduations… We Have Carnival Booths To Feature Classic Carnival Games. Carnival Booths And Games For Communion Party.

Make Your Wedding Day Extra Special With Our Carnival Booths And Games For Wedding Receptions.

Carnival Booths And Games For Block Parties, Corporate Parties, Festivals, Holiday Parties.

Carnival Booths And Carnival Games For Bar/Bat Mitzvahs Add To Your Child’s Celebration With Exciting And Interactive Games Making The Day Unforgettable.

Carnival Booths And Games For Sweet 16s, Camps, Team Building Parties, Colleges, And Fundraisers Draw Major Attention And Excites Your Guests.

Rent Carnival Booths For Parties And Events. Carnival Booths Are The Perfect Option To Liven Any Event, But Especially Carnival Games To Place In Carnival Booths Making The Fantastic Circus Or Carnival Theme.

Booths are available for rental or purchase!

Carnival Booth Rentals

 Carnival Booths And Game Rentals  ~                                                                                                       

Authentic Carnival Fun For All Parties And Events!

Carnival Game Rentals Bring Even More Excitement!

Carnival Booth Rentals

Deluxe full booth with top, hidden ties

Carnival Booth Rentals

Standard booth with top and back wall

Carnival Booth Rentals

Deluxe Full Booth With Top

Carnival Booth Rentals

Standard booth with top

                            GIANT CARNIVAL GAMES

Rent Deluxe Carnival Games For Your Next Party Or Event. Ginamarie Entertainment Provides A Vast Range Of Deluxe Carnival Games Or Traditional Carnival Games To Rent. Carnival Game Rentals Are Fabulous Items To Make Your Party A Carnival Theme.

To Rent Carnival Games For The Best Party Imaginable, Choose Ginamarie Entertainment For Your Carnival Game Rental Needs.


Looking For The Traditional Carnival Games Rentals? We Have The Excitement Of A Carnival For Your Event With Our Carnival Game rentals.

Shark Attack                                                    Scrabble                                        Golf Dart    

Deluxe Carnival Game Rentals


Jenga                                Checkers                                           Boggle Scramble



Connect 4                                               Chess                                                            Operation


Football Toss                                                       Baseball Toss                                     Shuffleboard


Baseball Cornhole                                             Darts                                          Mini Golf         





                                CARNIVAL GAMES

Carnival Game Rentals Bring Even More Excitement For Corporate Parties, Fundraisers, Trade Shows, Wedding Receptions, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Camps, Sweet 16’s, Block Parties, Festivals, Graduations, Corporate Meetings, Colleges, Birthday Parties, Schools And Team Building Parties.


Carnival Game Rentals

Carnival Game Rentals



Whip & Skip                           Dart Balloon                     Crazy Driver               Bullseye





Pop Shot  Basketball          Tin Pan Alley                   Roulette Wheels              Fish Bowl Frenzy    

Carnival Game Rentals       Carnival Game Rentals      Carnival Game Rentals   


Football Toss                                 Can Smash                               Hoop Toss                     Ring Toss

Carnival Game Rentals

Carnival Game Rentals      Carnival Game Rentals     Carnival Game Rentals


Min Golf One Hole                         Quarterback Toss                      Cue Ball                  Down The Clown

Carnival Game Rentals  Carnival Game Rentals          Carnival Game Rentals          Carnival Game Rentals


Bottle Ring Toss                            Batter Up                          Inflatable Hoops                Shooting Stars Basketball

Carnival Game Rentals            Batter Up Carnival Game Rentals  Inflatable Hoops Carnival Game Rentals     Shooting Stars Basketball Carnival Game Rentals


Soccer Fever                                         T-Ball                      Sports Speed Cage     Inflatable Skeeball

Soccer Fever Carnival Game Rentals    T-Ball Carnival Game Rentals Speed Cage Carnival Game Rentals  Inflatable Skeeball Carnival Game Rentals


Win, Lose, Draw            Ball Bounce                     Ball Roll                          Bank Shot

Win-Lose-Draw Carnival Game Rentals  Ball Bounce Carnival Game Rentals  Ball Roll Carnival Game Rentals        Bank Shot Carnival Game Rentals


Bean Toss                                Big Mouth              Coke Bottle Toss                 Crazy Hat       

Bean Toss Carnival Game Rentals      Big Mouth Carnival Game Rentals    Bottle Toss Carnival Game Rentals    Crazy Hat Carnival Game Rentals


Crazy Quarters                        Duck Pond                              Fat Cats                       First & Ten

Crazy Quarters Carnival Game Rentals       Duck Pond Carnival Game Rentals    Fat Cats Carnival Game Rentals        First & Ten Carnival Game Rentals


Fog Hop                           Hoop Shot         Krazy Kans         Match The Color        Over and Under                     

Frog Hop Carnival Game Rentals      Hoop Shot Carnival Game RentalsKrazy Kans Carnival Game Rentals    Match The Color Carnival Game Rentals    Over & Under Carnival Game Rentals


 Pitch Out                        Cover the Spot                    Hole ‘N One                 Hoopla Blocks                   

Pitch Out Carnival Game Rentals               


Pitch Boards                        Raffle Drums            Rainbow Roll                Ring Toss



Seven Eleven         Shuffleboard            Skee Roll                   Slap Shot



Slots Of Fun                 Spill The Milk             Stop & Throw               Tip A Troll




Tic Tac Toe                      Wheels                      Star Dart                   Inflatable Pop A Shot Basketball






Rent Kissing Booths For Parties, Fund Raisers, Carnival Theme Parties, Block Parties, And Corporate Events,

Kissing Booth Carnival Rentals


Kids’ Carnival Games

All are 2 1/2 ft. high x 2 1/2 ft. wide
Troll Toss * Ring Toss * Mini-Hoop * Can Smash * Spin Art for 2


Rent Kids Carnival Games. Rent Kids Carnival Games For Parties, Fund Raisers, Carnival Theme Parties, Block Parties, And Corporate Events, Schools, Block Parties.

Kids Carnival Game RentalsKids Carnival Game Rentals Kids Carnival Game RentalsKids Carnival Game Rentals  Kids Carnival Game Rentals


Carnival Packages For Parties

 Rent Carnival Packages With Ginamarie Entertainment That Can Consist Of 1 Mechanical Ride, 1 Bounce House Or Dry Slide Or Water Slide With Circus Performers Such as Fire Eater, Stilt Walker, Juggler, Or Magician/Illusionist, Etc; Popcorn And/Or Cotton Candy Or Sno Cone. Ask Us For Details!
We Tailor All Sizes Of Carnival Packages.

For Adults & Corporate Events … You May Want A Mime, Contortionist, Or Aerialist!

Renting Carnival Packages Makes It A Real Carnival Theme When You Add Carnival Booths With Carnival Games And The High Striker. Carnival Party Rentals Make Carnival Parties A Total Hit For All Ages.

Book Carnival Party Rentals For Wedding Receptions, Children’s Birthdays, Graduations, Adult Parties, Corporate Parties, School Events, Corporate Events, Communion Parties, Private Party, Block Parties, And Fundraisers.